Directors:  Romane Simon

Screenwriter:  Romane Simon

Genre:   Drama


“Life of Gia” based on a true story about a girl who loses her family at the age of eight in a car accident. The driver of the car is an out of control drug addict. The young girl is forced to live with her an aunt who eventually dies of cancer forcing her to live with a grandmother who is also dying. Her need is to survive as well as take care of her grandmother who is the last important person in her life on the island; she is determined to find some kind of job in order to make life plausible.Gia finds a job but it forces her to be around the lowest of the low, drug addicts, women of ill repute which results in her being raped and beaten. The film paints a graphic picture of her desperate determination to create a life of pride and dignity. She manages eventually to do just that; she discovers her own talents and natural intellectual gifts lifting her head on a level of success and dignity she has always needed and wanted.

The Night Seekers

Directors:  Menetie T. Ejeye

Screenwriter:  Menetie T. Ejeye

Genre:  Horror


 It was that time again for the friends to reunite at their yearly reunion. They decided on a week-long trip and wanted to go somewhere a bit more secluded this time around. Astro Island was the location of choice. Upon their arrival, the people in the small town forewarned the group not to go beyond the sign on the west wing “Do Not Go Beyond Here”. The group was told that no one has ever gone beyond the sign. As the day progressed, the curiosity level of some members of the group increased. After the five to three votes in favor of exploring beyond the forbidden zone, they all decided to take the risk. When they passed the forbidden zone, they didn’t find one single soul in sight. Now, it became interesting to camp out in this zone to increase their adventure. What happened to some of the members in the group after their arrival into the forbidden zone remains a mystery till this day. Various scholars gave their testimony as to the events that took place at this forbidden zone. This is my version of the event.Written By: Menetie T. Ejeye 

Directors:  Romane Simon

Screenwriter:  Romane Simon & John Watson

Genre:  Horror,Thriller


"OUR WAY (Fason Nou)
Everyone is driven to madness as two families on a weekend retreat are haunted by ghosts who have their own terrifying agenda

A weekend retreat between an interracial couple and their in-laws takes a dark turn when they discover that their house is haunted by the ghosts of an interracial couple from from the 1950's who has no patience for intolerance.

Fason Nou is a horror story with a twist. In this film the two spirits of an interracial couple, Marilyn and Wester Paul, haunt the house they once inhabited in the 1920s, a house now occupied by a soon to be wedded interracial couple, Zoe O'Brien and Antoine Louis. The two couples have more in common besides being interracial. Just as the couple now occupying the spiritual world had racist parents disrupting their lives, so does the couple presently occupying the house. Therein lies the reason for all the horrors the spirits unleash during the parents drawn out stay.

Directors:  Romane Simon

Screenwriter:  Rhonnie Fordham

Genre:  Horror


An ambitious news team arrives at a secluded farmhouse for an exclusive interview with an at-large serial killer known as the Sleepy Stalker, a murderer known for attacking “sleepy” small towns. The news crew includes a hotshot young female reporter as well as the team’s guest expert: a psychologist noted for her expertise in psychopaths. They all soon discover that the farmhouse was the site of a grisly murder-suicide thirty years earlier and is now believed to be haunted.

Quinton Aaron famously Known for the hit box Office movie The Blind Side which he co star with Academy award actress Sandra Bullock. Also Lilian Lev, Sadie Katz, Jenna Willis

Blood Runs Thick

Directors:  Romane Simon

Screenwriter:  Romane Simon & Rhonnie Fordham

Genre:  Horror-Suspense-Thriller


A beautiful young woman struggles with frightening hallucinations and a crumbling mental state after her husband goes missing.

Our Way

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